This website has been created for all Filipinos across the world who want to connect to their roots. It is also for those who are interested in learning about and preserving Filipino history and culture, regardless of ethnicity or background.

Many are unaware that Taal is even an actual town, much less a heritage landmark, which is different from the Taal Lake or the Taal Volcano. The quaint and unassuming town has played a tremendous role in Filipino history over the centuries. Fortunately, a group of passionate Taaleños are working hard to preserve its priceless heritage. Because of their efforts through the years, Taal structures, local customs, cuisine and crafts have been recognized as cultural treasures by the National Historical Institute of the Philippines. A highlight on every Taal visit is the well preserved collection of 19th century Bahay na Batos, wherein some revolutionary heroes actually lived in. Perhaps the most outstanding structure is the famous St. Martin de Tours Basilica (also known as the Taal Basilica), which reputedly stands as the biggest Catholic Cathedral in the Far East.

Taal is also broadening its horizons beyond tourism, expanding its commercial centers and housing projects, building a more balanced lifestyle for the small community composed of 42 Barangays (Barrios).

Taal was once a bustling economic melting pot which has survived, multiple times, some of the worst calamities the country has ever experienced. Amazingly, she still stands as a well preserved cornerstone for her people. The resilience of the town and its people is awe-inspiring.

With so much valuable heritage, we would like to encourage local and foreign tourists who visit the town – to help in resurrecting a vibrant economy, by buying local crafts, promoting local landmarks, making their voices heard by giving their feedback to the Municipal and Barangay Officers. This collective internal & external effort would aid in preserving the town’s heritage for future generations to cherish.

We thank you for your interest and we hope our website inspires you to continue the legacy of love for the town, country, and people.

As the great Philippine National Hero Dr. José Rizal said, “To foretell the destiny of a nation, it is necessary to open the book that tells of her past.”