A photo contest sponsored by the Taal Active Alliance Legion (T.A.A.L.) for lovers of Philippine history, heritage architecture, fans of Philippine Revolution culture, burdang taal and balisongs.

No registration fee.


Q: Is there a theme?
A: The photo contest theme is Taal and its Heritage

Q:What’s to see in Taal?
A:Well there’s the architecture, including the biggest Catholic church in Asia, the Basilica of Saint Martin de Tours, as well as preserved and restored homes of great families which helped the Philippine revolution.

There are also native products such as coffee (which was responsible for the wealth of Batangas province in the 18th century), folding knives in Brgy. Balisong, and the burdang Taal which features intricate patterns on pinya (pineapple leaves) fabric.

There is also the well of the Our Lady of Caysasay, a pilgrimage site for Marian devotees. On November 11, there will be a horse parade in the morning and a race in the afternoon.

Q:What kinds of photos should I take?
A: See above.

Q:Who can join?
A: Everyone can, but disqualified for the prizes are relatives up to the fourth degree (first cousins) as well as members of the household (i.e. employees, relatives, acquaintances actually residing in the homes ) of the Photo Committee judges .

Q:Can I use a film camera?
A: To simplify matters, all entries will be in raw digital format.

Q:What exactly do you mean by digital format?
A: The entry must be unaltered, unenhanced and/or unedited by any photo processing software/ application. Entries must be transferred to the organizers’ computer directly from the contestant’s camera or camera memory module (MMC,SD,CF).

Q:Can I use filters
A:Sure, as long as its the kind which are attached to the camera lens. Since no processing outside the camera is allowed, entries must not have been altered by filter effect mimic apps.

Q:Can I use a cellphone camera?
A: Sure.

Q:Can I submit photos I took in Taal on days other than the contest days?
A: All photos must have been taken in Taal on November 10 or 11, 2013. So, no.

Q:When is the deadline?
A: All entries must be personally submitted by the photographer by 6 pm of the shooting day. (i.e. 6pm of November 10 for photos taken on November10 and 6 p.m. of November11 for photos taken on November 11)

Q:Where do I submit an entry?
A: The photographer must submit his entry in digital format and fill up a contest form on or before the deadline (see above) at Casita (its across Funeraria Gracia and Villa Tortuga), along Agoncillo St., Brgy. Poblacion, Taal.

Q:Can I just, you know, e-mail an entry?
A: No.

Q:What happens to the entries after the contest?
A: Contestants waive in favor of the Taal Active Alliance Legion, a non-profit private group of advocates for the preservation of Taal heritage, the rights to publish subsequently all entries. The alliance shall endeavor to credit subsequent use of any photograph with the name of the photographer.

Q:How will the judging be conducted?
A: The contest judges will consider the following : a. the theme of the contest , b. the technical skill (exposure,composition) apparent from the photograph, and c. the overall aesthetic appeal of the entry.

Q:Will there be prizes for winning photographers?
A: Bragging rights mostly. (“,) Although there will be nominal prizes from businesses based in Taal.