taal active logoTAAL ACTIVE ALLIANCE LEGION of Taaleño homeowners is a N.G.O. founded in August 2008, by Ernesto F. Villavicencio.  This group consists of passionate Filipinos working to preserve Filipino heritage, culture and Taal’s collection of 19th century “bahay na bato” homes.   TAAL ACTIVE ALLIANCE LEGION created a Preservation Code prohibiting the destruction of old houses in Taal.  This code was passed by the Sanguniang Bayan, the legislative body of the municipality.

Next to Vigan, the town of Taal probably has the most number of old heritage houses in the Philippines.  These grand “bahay na batos” are more than just vintage status symbols of the Spanish era.  Some were the homes of heroes and patriots who fought relentlessly during the Filipino revolution, sacrificing their lives for the country’s independence.  These homes have miraculously survived some of the worst calamities the country has ever seen.  Thanks to the TAAL ACTIVE ALLIANCE LEGION and other Filipinos, these homes are still standing today as historic landmarks and museums.


The TAAL ACTIVE ALLIANCE LEGION gathered together on Sunday, 10 February 2013, to discuss progressive plans for Taal, including the launching of the website:  www.taal.ph

Derrick Gerardo C. Manas of the Legion says, “This summer we will be launching through the Alliance a Summer Course for History Teachers and selected students regarding Batangas history with focus on Taal’s glorious history and also we will engage in developing an E-Trike program for the town against pollution and noise.”

The website covers all topics of Taal Heritage Town and serves as a converging point for the online community of Filipinos, Taaleños and travellers.  The website encourages international unity and participation within the online community to learn, visit, tour and share about all things Taal.

One of TAAL ACTIVE ALLIANCE LEGION’s goals is to make Taal, Batangas a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a sustainable tourist hotspot in the Philippines.  In the last five years, Taal has grown a great deal in its restoration movement and there are new projects underway in support of its long term goals.  With the support and grassroots sensibility of its tight-knit community and the growing support of others, Taal remains to be a special place with plenty of potential.  One to keep your eyes on!

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