Places to Visit

Learn about Taal’s glorious past, its heroes, and its role in the Philippine Revolution. Travel through time as you explore Taal’s collection of restored Bahay na Batos, 19th century Filipino-Spanish adobe stone homes. Admire the architectural beauty, like the classic capiz windows, gorgeous Philippine hardwoods, and the unique antique decor.

Explore Taal

Visit homes with interesting permanent exhibits and architectural features such as the Casa Villavicencio,
Marcella Agoncillo Museum, Villavicencio Wedding Gift House, Galleria Taal, Agoncillo White House and the Apacible Museum; among many others which dot the quaint municipality.

Discover the miraculous powers of the Sta. Lucia Well and the Our Lady of Caysasay Church. Be awed by the majestic Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, reputedly the largest Catholic basilica in Asia.

Savor Taal’s culinary treasures from the Don Juan Boodle House restaurant such as: Adobo sa Dilaw, Tapang TAAL, Maliputo, Sinaing na Tulingan,Tawilis, Suman sa lehiya and sumang Taal, panutsa, pinindot, local ice cream, tsokolate eh, kapeng barako and many more to delight the adventurous palate.

Explore the artisan’s home-stores, the Municipal Market and in-house bazaars to shop for the world’s famous balisong (fan knife); the exquisitely embroidered Taal barong (native fabric made of pineapple, abaca or silk fiber blends); antiques and interesting handicrafts.

Mabuhay is the Filipino word that literally translates “to live.” It is also used as a welcome greeting or as a tribute during drinking toasts.

The Heritage Town

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