Of all the events in Taal, the El Pasubat Festival is the one not to miss! This three day celebration in April is their biggest annual festival where the town goes all out in honoring their culture and independence. Attending this festival will surely give you the best experience of just how rich Taal’s culture is and the pride and care of an industrious people. The El Pasubat Festival first starts out with a Holy Mass ceremony. This is followed by a hodgepodge of events that showcase a smorgasbord of local delicacies and crafts. El Pasubat stands for Empanada, Longanisa, PAnutsa, SUman, BArong, BAlisong, Tapa, Tawillis, Tamalis, Tulingan, Tsokolate.

This acronym gives a peek into some of the wonderful local foods and crafts you can expect at this festival. The abundance of culture and festivities include a parade of floats, Taaleño beauties, music, cultural dance, their Trade Fair, contests, prizes, street painting, and more! Some of the festivities are subject to change each year, but typically these are the activities that are hosted at the festival. The town gets excited about the El Pasubat Festival and plenty of people flock from afar to experience the culture and fun of Taal’s community!