Independence Day (Araw ng Kalayaan; Also Araw ng Kasarinlan) is an annual national holiday in the Philippines observed every 12th of June, commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on 12th of June 1898.

The declaration of Philippine Independence Day marked the Filipinos’ exercise of their freedom. It was a legitimate assertion by the Filipino nation of its undeniable claim to freedom and independence, which is an inherent right, not dependent upon the will and discretion of another.

Taal commemorates the 115th Philippine Independence Day by arranging the following:

  • – Burying of an Old Flag
  • – Flag Ceremony (Group Singing of National Anthem While Raising the Flag)
  • – March from the Municipal Building To the Marcela Agoncillo Museum
  • – Wreath lying
  • – Short Dramatization of Marcela Agoncillo Flag Sewing

Mabuhay ang Araw ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas!