FUN bunch revisits the past.

Last November 19, our Taal Heritage adventure began. Our group met Lito Perez – who acted as our tour “guide” – at the imposing Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, the biggest church in Southeast Asia.

Our next stop was at the well-preserved colonial house of Marcella Agoncillo, who sewed the Philippine flag in Hong Kong. Villa Tortuga is an ancestral house refurbished by Lito near a flowing river. On the ground floor, we changed into the colonial Filipiniana outfits Perez is known for.

I brought one light stand needed for portraiture. At lunch, the “historical” menu included chicken pastel with pineapple, tapang Taal and gourmet tulingan. Our dessert was suman dipped in tsokolateng Taal. Then, we visited the Our Lady of Caysasay church and walked to the shrine of Sta. Lucia.

Ancestral house

Manny Inumerable’s Galleria Taal impressed us with its exhibit of antique cameras and rare photographs.

Our last stop was the house of Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio – she supported the country’s struggle for independence – morally and financially.

Then, we went to Taal market for pasalubong. It was fun and educational!