Approximate travel time from Magallanes on South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) / STAR Tollway to Taal is 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on the traffic situation.

1. From Metro-Manila or from C-5, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) all the way to EXIT 50 / Calamba City. Continue driving on the SLEX until you enter the Batangas segment which is the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (also known as the STAR Tollway). Continue driving on the Star Tollway starting at Sto. Tomas, traversing Tanuan City and Malvar.

2. Do not take the first Lipa Exit (Lipa City/Sto. Toribio/Leviste) that you see as this will lead you to the City Proper. Take the second LIPA Exit from Star Tollway. A landmark that you are near the correct LIPA exit is when you pass a large Petron Gas Station on the left side of the highway. Start moving to the right lane and take the next LIPA Exit on your RIGHT. After exiting the toll booth, turn LEFT at the National Highway towards the towns of Taal / Lemery / Cuenca. (Turning RIGHT after the toll booth towards Jollibee will lead you to the Lipa City Proper and the Star Tollway entrance to SLEX/Metro Manila).

3. Drive STRAIGHT for approximately 3.5 km (past landmarks like Fernando Airbase; Petron Gas Station; Sunflower Agro-Industrial Corp, until you see a road on your RIGHT, before the Phoenix Gas station.

4. Make a RIGHT turn on this road towards Cuenca / Taal / Lemery.

5. Follow this winding road in Cuenca for approximately 11.5 km; then go past the Alitagtag town’s Welcome Arch. Continue going straight past this arch for approximately 1.7 km

6. When you see a Caltex station in Cuenca on the left side, veer RIGHT towards the Alitagtag Poblacion (town proper).

7. Go straight for another 3 km till you see the Welcome Arch of the town of Sta. Teresita. Go straight for another 3 km till the end of the road, until you reach the National Highway Junction (Junction in English or “Tumbok” in Filipino). Your landmark at the end of this junction is the Petron Gas Station at the end of this road. Turn RIGHT towards the town of Taal.

8. After 5 kms, past landmarks like the Villas del Pueblo Subdivision; the Tawilisan intersection/market; you will see a fork or another intersection on the highway. STAY ON THE LEFT of this fork, GOING STRAIGHT towards the town of Taal. Your landmark will be a Flying-V Gas Station on your right side. (Going RIGHT on this intersection or fork will lead you to the town of LEMERY).

9. Go STRAIGHT past Flying –V for approximately 2 kms towards the Taal town proper. Always mind your RIGHT side, past landmarks like the Hacienda Villas Subdivision and the Heritage Villas Subdivision. Follow the RIGHT LANE on this highway all the way till it curves sharply to the RIGHT, reaching the town proper. FOLLOW THIS ROAD past the Plaza (on the left side); Basilica of St. Martin de Tours (on the right side). The same road now veers to the LEFT past the white-colored Taal Municipal Building (on the left side).

If you get lost, please call: Casas de Taal Contact #: (0917) 531-4831.



This is the scenic route, but not the fastest way. Approximate travel time from Magallanes, Makati is 2 hours & 45 minutes (with no traffic). This route is open again, it’s not even finished yet but lighter vehicles are allowed to pass already.

1. Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit at STA.ROSA, LAGUNA. Make a RIGHT after passing through the toll booths towards Tagaytay. Follow this road going STRAIGHT till the END, where you will pass the Public Market towards the National Highway. Make a RIGHT on the NATIONAL HIGHWAY.

2. Take the main Tagaytay National Highway driving past landmarks like TAAL VISTA LODGE, McDonald’s, Josephine’s Restaurant, etc., all the way past the radar; Rodeo Hills Subdivision; etc., going towards Nasugbu.

3. Before the Nasugbu sign, you will see the SAN MIGUEL CONVENTION CENTER on your left. (DO NOT GO STRAIGHT TOWARDS NASUGBU.)

4. Make an immediate LEFT on the small road after the San Miguel Convention Center, (this small road is before the Petron Station on the left side).
This small road is called DIOKNO HIGHWAY going towards the town of Lemery. (If you’ve passed the arch of Nasugbu, you have missed Diokno Highway, so you must turn back.)

5. Drive on this winding road past landmarks like the Pacific Heights Subdivision; Canyon Woods Subdivision; Fantasy World; Leisure Farms; etc., all the way down to the END till you reach LEMERY (approximately 40-minutes-drive). Make a LEFT at the END/JUNCTION of this road going toward the town proper of LEMERY.

6. Go straight past the Robinson’s Mall, Jollibee, McDonald’s until the END (or JUNCTION) and you will see the river and the PANSIPIT BRIDGE. This marks the entrance of the Heritage Town of Taal. Make a LEFT turn going uphill toward the town proper of Taal.

If you get lost, please call: Casas de Taal Contact #: (0917) 531-4831.


Directions to Manila from Heritage Town of Taal:

From the Taal Flying V Gas Station, take The National Highway for approximately 4 km.

  1. You will see the Petron Gas Station on the right side of the road, make a left turn.
    2. You will pass the Sta. Teresita welcome arch after approximately 1.8 km.
    3. Continue driving and pass through Alitagtag town.
    4. After approximately 3 km you will see a Caltex Gas Station. Veer to the left.
    5. Continue driving for approximately 15 km and make a left on The National Highway (Lipa).
    6. After approximately 4 km make a left to enter the Star Tollway which takes you to Manila.