By: Crystal April Valencia

Photos by : Haji Photograps

Featuring: Filipiniana, Retro Dresses, FDAP Outfits, and Wedding Gowns made by Designers of Taal

Burdang Taal is a coined term for the town’s hand embroidery industry which has been existing for many decades now. What makes Burdang Taal a local pride is because of its distinct patterns and accents. It also contributes not just in for the economy but also for the Tourism Industry of Taal.

April 27, 2014 Taal ELPASUBAT  aims to promote Burdang Taal.  The Fashion Show gives mark to the celebration, it showcased how the crafts of Taaleños were really artistically, intricately and sturdily made .


Retro Dresses

Barong Tagalog

Modern Filipiniana

FDAP Outfits

(Fashion Designers Association of The Philippines)

Wedding Gowns & Barongs